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"Consuming apple cider vinegar every day has had a considerable impact on the disappearance of my digestive and skin problems. This is what led me to want to offer the best quality so that it improves everyone's daily life."

Marina Lemaire

Founder of Archie


Brought by nature
Validated by history
Approved by science.


The richness of its composition makes it one of the most valuable foods for its benefits:

Acetic acid / Nutrients / Prebiotics.


Used in all regions for centuries and even millennia, it is at the center of many scientific studies on:

Fat reduction / weight loss / Improving blood sugar / Digestion aid / Antibacterial action



A totally artisanal production: Resulting from a double fermentation, Archie is unpasteurized & unfiltered contains the mother, a digest of good bacteria necessary for a healthy microbiota.


An exceptional provenance within a millennial bocage in Normandy.

Handmade in orchards maintained in 300-year-old agroecology, tall apple trees and 15 varieties of apples.


A raw product, without modification, without sulphites, additives and inputs.

The Archie Organic vinegar cider is a living product in constant evolution.


A unique taste, awarded with great gastronomic prizes and used by great starred chefs.


Diluted in water, on the skin, in the hair.


For digestion: One tablespoon in a glass of water after your meal (lunch/dinner)

To help reduce blood sugar: One tablespoon in a glass of water 20 minutes before the meal

To support weight loss: Before meals to increase feelings of fullness or throughout the day as an appetite suppressant

For its remineralizing benefits: After a sports session or upon waking; (detoxifier) in a glass of water

In anti hangover: When you wake up with a glass of water

As a pretty skin toner: Mix in an archie bottle + water

Normal to oily skin: ½ archie ½ water

Sensitive skin: ¼ archie ¾ water


Shake before application.

Apply with cotton or spray after cleansing your face. Leave on face for 2-3 minutes then rinse with cool water.

Use this mixture up to twice a day.

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