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Under Water
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"If before buying a product, we think about the butterfly effect it can have on the future of the planet, we are moving forward with change."




MORE Eshop is the first eshop combining ecoconscious and innovation. 


Make "sustainable" resonates with "desirable". 

Our platform will propose a selection of products ranges from the "everyday essentials" to the only desire of pleasuring or just have fun; responsible, ethical products, which are all desirable, innovative and connected with our times. 

Since being conscious of ecological matters of the earth, being connected to nature, does not mean to live like yesteryear. 


At MORE we believe innovation is the key. 

This is why we offer a selection of innovative and ethical alternatives for a more responsible consumption while not losing sight of the aesthetic and functional aspects. 


At MORE we will share brands, human stories, start-ups and creators who each in their own way help us change our habits and move the world forward towards a better future. We take great care in selecting each product in order to make it a durable alternative. 


It is essential for each of us participate in the solution. The question is no longer whether or not we want to change our consumption habits, nowadays it is too late for that. We are facing the biggest crisis ever faced by humanity and the biggest challenge of our time. We have no more time to waste. We have to drastically reduce our plastic consumption and rethink our general consumption. We must act now, act differently.


Every little change in our daily routine can already do a lot.

If each of us prior to making a purchase, we think about the butterfly effect it can have on the future of the planet, we are moving forward with change.

If before buying a product we make sure that it is a durable product, we are part of the change. 

There is no ecological question, because ecology is life. Ecology, climate change is a common concern, a caring for everyone, we are all linked to life, to the planet. 

Together, let's act now and radically change the way we consume in order to jointly create a future of which we will be proud.


Before buying, consider if you really need it. Fill your life with experiences, not futile things!

Join the MORE community, a sustainable approach to better shopping. 

MORE is curated by NO MORE PLASTIC.



- Is this a brand I want to support?

- What is the ecological and human impact of the brand? 

- Can I use what I have, make borrow or buy used instead? 

- For how long can this item serve me? 

- How long have I wanted this for? WAIT to avoid impulse purchases. 

- How does this purchase make me feel? 

- What is the butterfly effect of this purchase? 

- Is it a want or a need? 

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